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File Specs

Applications Supported:

(ready-to-run-artwork Mac or PC)

  • Quark Xpress™ v6.1 (NOT Quark Xpress Passport)
  • Adobe Creative Suite of Applications (PhotoShop CS v.8, Illustrator CS v.11, InDesgin CS v.3, Acrobat v.7)

File Formats Supported:

  • TIFF, EPS, PSD/PSB (Layered).
  • DO NOT use JPEG images, or placed PDF’s.


  • Ensure that all fonts specific to your job are included or "suitcased". This includes both screen and printer (postscript) fonts or any OpenType fonts as well.
  • Do NOT use keyboard commands for bold or italic fonts. Use actual bold or italic fonts where applicable.
  • For CorelDraw, Freehand and SignLab users, please convert all fonts into curves and save/export as an EPS (encapsulated postscript) file format.


  • Quark Xpress Passport users should save their files as “Single Language” version format.
  • Files should be setup using a page layout program (e.g. InDesign, Illustrator or QuarkXpress). The page size should be setup at an intermediate size that can be enlarged proportionately. For example, 12" x 18" original page size, can be enlarged 400% for a final output size of 48" x 72".
  • FreeHand users please save your Freehand files as version 9.x or lower.
  • Bleed is always required! We will NOT assume responsibility if image is lost in the trimming/finishing process.
  • Do NOT change graphic file names unless you’ve re-linked them in your layout application.
  • Do NOT embed your linked files in Illustrator or InDesign, instead please include those linked files with the final job.
  • Remove all unused Pantone or Custom colour swatches NOT used in the layout.
  • Do NOT mix RGB and CYMK files in the same job/layout.
  • Please supply only those images required to for your job. Remove all extraneous files.

Disk Media Supported:

  • Floppy disks 1.44MB, DVD+/-RW/DL, CD-R/W's, Firewire and/or USB connectable storage devices.
  • Optical disks and other disk formats not mentioned can be converted at an extra cost.
  • If you wish to transfer your files via e-mail, please compress your files with WinZip (Windows/PC platform) or Stuffit (if your on the MAC platform). The compressed file size limit is 10MB, files exceeding this limitation may not transfer fully due to email capacity restrictions.
  • If you would like to upload via FTP. Please request our FTP upload instructions from your representative for more info.

Scanned Images:

(For optimal resolution and results, please use the following guidelines.)

  • For most images, scanning at a †resolution of 72dpi to 100dpi, at full size will yield suitable results. For large images being viewed at far distances, a scan resolution of 50dpi at full size will be more than sufficient.
  • Scan images in RGB mode before converting to CMYK for optimal colour depth.
  • Save images as EPS, or TIFF formats.

Tip: If in doubt, please provide an RGB file size between 25-500Mb (interpolation is not recommended!) If you are providing artwork for scanning, high definition line art and transparencies achieve the best results.

Colour Matching:

  • Please provide either an IRIS, 3M Rainbow, any dye-sublimation or colour calibrated laser proofing device with an Adobe compliant postscript interpreter (RIP). Desktop inkjet prints are NOT acceptable as colour proofs (but will be accepted as reference for content!) Due to differences in inks and materials used by other printing processes, we do not recommend matching to printed material or stock.

†Please note: For customers supplying images for output on our high-resolution photographic printers, the optimal resolution is between 100 – 150 dpi.