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1. What is digital printing?

Digital printing refers to printing directly from a computer file without the need for costly setup materials - i.e. film, plates, screens etc.

2. What are the advantages of digital printing?

Because we can print directly from disk, we save you time and money. Our high-speed digital presses mean output is fast and without costly setup materials. We save you hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars!

3. What quantities of prints are you cost effective at?

Traditional digital print cost effectiveness has been highest at short-run levels, meaning from 1-100 prints. However as technology has improved, printer speeds have increased and material costs have come down - we have printed runs in excess of 300 very cost-effectively.

4. What about quality? Doesn't digital printing mean dots and grainy looking images?

Yes and no! It is true that digital printing technology uses dots to create an image, however, as technology has improved so has the print quality. Today our digital state-of-the-art printers can print at resolutions so tight they produce a virtually continuous tone resulting in incredibly sharp, smooth-looking prints.  Plus with our Lighjet digital photo printers, you get true continuous tone!

5. How do I set up my digital files for you to print from?

Setting up files for digital printing is easier than setting up for film. There is no need for trapping or layering PhotoShop files. See our file specification sheet for more details.

6. Aren't digital printers small and limited in size?

Au contraire! Our smallest printer is 54" in width, our largest machine is an amazing 16 ft. wide. All of our printers are roll feed, meaning we can print endless lengths of images. For prints larger than 16 ft., our in house seaming equipment can put together almost any sized print — from posters to building encompassing banners. We are the experts at BIG printing.

7. What about durability? I don't want my prints to fade.

We use the highest quality inks and materials available today to produce our prints. All of our products are backed 100% and are guaranteed to last. Our high-performance products carry the most comprehensive warranty in the business with up to 10 years or more indoors and five years outdoors. As a 3M certified print centre, the manufacturers of our equipment, inks, and materials also back our warranty, so you are 110% covered!

8. What kind of materials can you print on?

We, by far, offer the widest variety of products and applications in the business. At ICON, we can print your image onto almost anything.  Rollable substrates include paper, flexible vinyl, pressure sensitive vinyl, banner material, cloth, canvas, mesh and numerous other fabrics.

Our flatbed printers can image onto many rigid substrates including foamboard, gatorboard, styrene, sintra, coroplast, plexi, wood, glass and even ceiling tiles!  When it comes to applications, we can recommend which one of our products will suit your needs best. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales reps for more details.

9. How fast can you deliver?

With one of the largest equipment lists in the business, we turn around jobs at astounding speed. We can often deliver your job within 48 hours of receipt of digital artwork — sometimes even less. Give us a call at 1-888-305-ICON and we'll let you know when you can expect your job back.

10. But I'm in the U.S. - doesn't that mean delays?

Absolutely not! We service many U.S. companies at the same speed and efficiency as our local clients. The Free Trade agreement and our precise documentation means that your job crosses the border on time with no hassles. We are located just 20 minutes from Toronto's Pearson International Airport, one of North America's largest hubs, making next-day delivery to almost any address in North America possible.

11. What about costs? The Canadian dollar?

There are no Federal or State taxes when you buy from Canada, we accept Canadian or U.S. currency

12. How do I approve colour? How do you assure me that my prints will meet my expectations?

We ask that you supply a colour proof with your job for our skilled pre-press staff to match it with. Our precision equipment, coupled with our extensive knowledge and experience in the business, helps us match colour with great accuracy. If requested, we can provide you with a small - size print fresh off our machines for you to approve.

13. I need your services but I'm not sure what materials  I should use or what to ask for?

No problem — our knowledgeable sales staff have tackled almost every application out there. You just let us know what the final use will be for the prints you need. We'll tell you what will suit your application best and guarantee it will work.

14. My job is extremely time sensitive. Can I depend on you to deliver?

Since our inception in 1995 we have grown every year. We do this by aggressively marketing our products and, more importantly, by retaining and cultivating our existing client base. We enjoy incredible customer loyalty and do so by meeting expectations — every time. That means quality, service & DELIVERY. The answer is "yes" you can definitely count on us.

15. What is your pricing structure?

We are not the highest priced, nor are we the lowest. We market our products very competitively and believe that we offer our clients the highest value in the business. Click onto our quotation request page and see how we compare.

16. Do you operate after hours?

Yes we do. We employ two full production shifts day and night to ensure that your job gets done on time. We understand that today's pace of business doesn't stop at 5:00 p.m. and neither do we. If your rush job means that we have to go the extra mile, we will.

17. I need some help with my digital files.

No problem. File setup and high-resolution scanning services are available at ICON. Regardless of what your computer equipment restrictions are — we can help.