GTA Airport Authority

GTA Airport Authority

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Tasks Provided:

  • Consulting
  • Engineering
  • LED Videowall
  • Content Scheduling

One of the challenges that were presented was in finding the right display technology to utilize in this space. In partnership with architectural firm, Eventscape, we had to determine which type of technology would properly integrate with curved design of the flower while still maintaining a good resolution to bring the vision to life.

A second challenge that we faced was in determining the best font size and number of text lines to optimize the flight information display's viewable area, while still allowing the text to be clearly legible. Other consideration was distance that the flower would be viewed from to determine proper font sizes while keeping the content on the screen visually appealing.

Our experience in the past led us to investigate LED manufacturers that were proven to provide an excellent quality product that could support the curve required while maintaining an acceptable resolution. We turned to our longtime partner, NanoLumens, who would provide us with the proper technology required to support such an innovative and unique design. This required the installation of 6mm pixel pitch curved LEDs into the unique shape that the petals presented to us.

Extensive testing in our staging facility with different font sizes, viewing angles, colours, and viewing distances allowed us to narrow down the optimum number of text lines and their font size based on the average viewing distance of passengers in the space.

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