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Louis Vuitton

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Tasks Provided:

  • Creative Design
  • Large Format Printing
  • Turn Key Systems
  • Project Management
  • Kitting and Distribution

The main challenge that ICON had was in dealing with the current system that was in place in all Louis Vuitton stores. The main method that stores had been using prior to ICON providing their graphics was by hanging up their backlits using tape. The main problem that arose from this method was that changes in weather would result in the tape losing its adhesive properties causing the graphics to fall down. ICON needed to find a way to not only fix the problem with adhesive failure, but to also provide a much more aesthetically pleasing solution for Louis Vuitton.

ICON helped fabricate a custom frame that would be installed at newly built or newly renovated Louis Vuitton stores across North America. This frame would be installed against the current windows with the actual graphic itself placed inside the frame. This ultimately solves all problems with adhesion failure. The frame itself is also very sleek in design which is also more in line with Louis Vuitton’s image of being a luxury brand in comparison to having graphics taped up against their windows. Finally, being very lightweight and having a simple design allows for store employees to be able to change these graphics out on their own without the need of an outsourced installer.Louis Vuitton has been ecstatic about the results that have come with the installation of these new framing systems. It has improved the overall look of the stores and has even gained a strong reputation with Louis Vuitton- being referred to internally as the “ICON frame”.

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