ICON Finalist at APEX Awards!

ICON Media (formerly Gridcast Media) has been nominated as a Transportation Finalist for the 2017 APEX Awards at this year’s Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas! The award recognizes companies that have displayed excellence in installation of digital displays and interactive technologies. This year, finalists were chosen from a list of 138 entrants across 12 different countries for 9 major digital signage categories. We are honored to be nominated for the work that we did at Toronto Pearson International Airport.


The nominated project called – The Flower – is a fully custom designed feature consisting of four petals extruding directly out from the floor and spanning 35 feet into the air to display flight information at Terminal 1 of Toronto Pearson International Airport. ICON Media (Gridcast Media at the time) worked in coordination with Eventscape – a custom architectural fabrication company in Toronto – to design the entire structure. In addition to the 4 petals, the team at Gridcast installed a 3 foot high halo which completely surrounds the 4 steel support beams. The halo was installed using a 3.5 mm curved LED display designed to show advertising and ambient content to enhance the overall space.

Due to the unique shape and structure of the project, key challenges were faced before the project was completed. The main challenge for this particular project was determining the proper technology to utilize in this space. We had to determine the type of technology which  would integrate seamlessly with the curved design of the petals while maintaining a good resolution from a proper viewing distance.

To overcome this challenge, we turned to our longtime partner, NanoLumens, to provide us with the proper technology to support such an innovative design. Following consultation with all partners on the project, we opted to utilize a 6mm pixel pitch curved LED display within each petal to display real-time flight information data to assist passengers to their correct gates and to determine departure times. This type of LED display fit the curved shape of the petals perfectly allowing us to fulfill the architectural vision. Prior to installation, we also utilized our staging facility to test out different font sizes, viewing angles, and colours to determine the optimal number of text lines and their font sizes based on typical viewing distances from passengers in the space.

The team at ICON Media is very proud of what we have accomplished with such a high profile project. If you are flying out of Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson International Airport, let the Flower Help guide you to your final destination.