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Digital Signage

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Digital signage comes in all shapes and sizes. ICON carries a wide variety of technology from LED, LCD, and OLED tailored to your needs and to best fit your space! For a crisper and brighter image, LED & OLED images are perfect for outdoor viewing to help remove any glare. For indoor and corporate communications, LCDs are a cost-efficient alternative with quick installation timelines!‍


Turn any surface into a touchpoint with projection technology. ICON uses projection mapping to display dynamic content on entire buildings, cars, fields, sports courts, and much more.‍

Projection Mapping

The perfect solution for experiential activations and events - there’s no better way to improve brand recognition than with interactive media. Combine cutting-edge touchscreen displays with custom games to build buzz and excitement about your process, product, and brand. Make learning fun and improve your event’s engagement and your brand’s overall market awareness and recall.‍

Kiosk Rentals

Bring your visions to life with the help of ICON’s design solutions team. We use AutoCAD to design your dream space and present it to you using AR/VR technology. Walk through digital renderings as if you’re there and get a better feel for your space before breaking ground on renovations and large installations. Whether using static print or digital signage, use augmented reality to help envision what your in-store branding will look like once completed!‍

Interactive LCD Technology & Gamification

A simple yet effective digital solution to help enhance tradeshows and events! ICON’s kiosk rentals come fully wrapped in custom vinyl to create a perfectly branded experience. Paired with personalized content designed by ICON’s creative team, ensure that the right messages are being presented to your target audience throughout the duration of your events!‍

Queue Management Solutions & Beacon Technology

Optimize your brick & mortar stores’ efficiency with ICON’s state-of-the-art queue management solution, ICON Q. The perfect combination of digital signage and RFID technology allows users to enter virtual queues by scanning QR codes with their smartphones ultimately maximizing their shopping time. Utilize beacon technology to further enhance your store’s efficiencies to manage store capacities with local health & safety protocols.‍

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