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ICON STEPS into Public Art

This past August, ICON had the pleasure of working with STEPS Public Art to install a beautiful custom mural by local illustrations artist, Jenn Kitagawa. The mural titled "Park Hangs" was on display for Café Artois at the Yorkville Mural Festival – an event that continuously celebrates the diverse communities and many cultures making up the city of Toronto. ICON Visual was tasked with providing large format print and installation services that brought this creative piece to life. Along with the live music and outdoor dining at the Yorkville Mural Festival, this fantastic installation had the ability to showcase Toronto art and create a unique experience for all those attending.

ICON's partnership with STEPS Public Art and Café Artois transformed the space entirely and was the perfect combination of large format print and traditional art. ICON helped print out a massive mural template which was then finished off with artist Jenn Kitagawa painting on top of the graphic.It not only encouraged festival attendees to expand there thinking but it also adds a sense of belonging to our communities and public spaces. The mural,"Park Hangs", had the ability to humanize the surrounding environment and allow pedestrians to stop and enjoy their space.

ICON is very proud of this partnership with STEPS PublicArt and Stella Artois and are continuously working with public art initiatives to help drive community engagement, promote local creatives, and elevate public spaces.