Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Keeping an Island Connected

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is consistently ranked as having one of the most beautiful arrivals in North America as incoming flights descend beside the Toronto skyline. However, with Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport situated on an island, it made travelling to the airport challenging and most importantly, time consuming.
To help save time for travellers, an underground tunnel was built connecting the island airport to the mainland. ICON Media was consulted by Ports Toronto during construction to help outfit the tunnel with digital signage that would play sponsored content, advertisements, and flight information display.
ICON Media installed a series of LCD and LED videowalls throughout the mainland terminal, underground tunnel, and island terminal to help keep travellers up to date regarding their travel plans. Following the successful launch of the tunnel, ICON Media continues to schedule content and monitor the displays daily from our network operations control (NOC) centre.

Services Provided
  • Digital Signage Solutions
  • Network Operations Control
  • Installation & Support Dispatch
  • Engineering

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