Union Station

Food For Thought

Canada’s busiest transit hub, Toronto’s Union Station, has gone through a multi-year renovation project that has seen commercial tenants added to the already iconic space. One major addition to Union Station is the new Food Court that draws visitors for a quick stop from all over the world.

Working with Union Stations retail developer, Osmington, ICON Media designed and outfitted each of the vendors’ storefronts with LED videowalls providing them with one-of-a-kind exposure to the public. A state-of-the-art LED elevator wrap is the centrepiece of the Food Court displaying featured content with the ability to live stream events.

Passing through the newly redesigned York Concourse, visitors are immersed with content highlighting arrival and departure times, tourist information, and a display of new foodservice offerings. During Raptor and Maple Leaf gamedays, visitors can enjoy their meals while watching a live stream of the game featured on the LED elevator wrap.

ICON and Toronto’s Union Station continues to push the boundaries of technology and innovation as we look towards the future.

Services Provided
  • Digital Signage Solutions
  • Network Operations Control
  • Installation & Support Dispatch
  • Engineering
  • Live Streaming

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