Dribbling Towards Diversity, Empowering Every Shot!

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Large Format Printing • Creative Design • Installation • 
Large Format Printing • Creative Design • Installation • 

In 2022, Keesa Koomalsingh's vision took form in HOOPQUEENS, a ground-breaking initiative reimagining the future of women's basketball in Canada. As it progresses into its second year, HOOPQUEENS remains firm in its mission: forging space and opportunities for women, both on and off the court.

ICON’s partnership with HOOPQUEENS stems from a shared ethos. As a CAMSC-certified entity, we recognize the imperative of diversity and inclusion, and we embed these values into every collaboration. This certification is more than a credential; it is an emblem of our commitment to drive change and promote equality across sectors. At the heart of our collaboration was the transformation of Humber Gym into a beacon for women's sports. Our design sensibilities can be seen in the striking 83 ft wide by thirty feet high curtain, which not only displayed the HOOPQUEENS identity but also celebrated its esteemed partners like Footlocker, TikTok, and Nike Toronto.

But our involvement in women's sports isn’t new. We’ve lent our expertise to remarkable events, such as the WNBA Canada game, to reinforce our dedication. Yet, our most profound allegiance remains to empowering women, fostering equality, and advocating women's sports. We are constant advocates of these causes, understanding that spaces like HOOPQUEENS don’t just provide an avenue for sport but build a foundation for future generations to see what’s possible. In Keesa's dream for HOOPQUEENS, we see reflections of our own aspirations – to propel representation, uplift communities, and inspire future generations. ICON stands as more than just a visual solutions provider; we are allies, supporters, and believers in a brighter, more inclusive future for sports and beyond.

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