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Large Format Printing • Creative Design • Installation • 
Large Format Printing • Creative Design • Installation • 

In the fast-paced world of event transformations, time is often a luxury. For our team at ICON, the challenge was set - transform Scotiabank Arena into the "Octobers Very Own Arena" in just three weeks, with a mere 9-hour installation window. This project celebrated Drake's homecoming tour dates and marked the 10-year partnership between October's Very Own (OVO) and the Toronto Raptors, who both call Scotiabank Arena home.

Exterior Signage Transformation: From Scotiabank to OVO

The cornerstone of this transformation was the Scotiabank Arena's iconic signage. In place of the familiar, we introduced the extraordinary. Using blackout vinyl, we concealed the "Scotiabank Arena" sign, and unveiled a massive 143ft x 16ft masterpiece that declared this space as the "Octobers Very Own Arena." But the vision went beyond daylight; the arena sign came alive at night with strategically positioned spotlights craned in for illumination. This exterior transformation was not just about branding; it was a statement of identity and a testament to the collaboration between ICON Visual and ICON media.

Glowing Welcomes at Gates 6 and 1

Further inside, above Gate 6, our team implemented a unique strategy. Utilizing UV SEG Fabric & Box Frames, we overlaid the original signage, rebranding the entrance as the Octobers Very Own Arena. These signs did more than just represent; they illuminated at night. This transformation wasn't limited to one sign; we undertook this incredible change for three separate signs, ensuring the message reached every visitor at gate 6.

Gate 1 in the Galleria wasn't left out either. Here, a magnificent 48ft-wide, 82-inch-high sign welcomed people into the heart of the Octobers Very Own Arena. This sign was more than a piece of decor; it was a statement of arrival.

Interior Transformations

Our dedication to transformation extended to every corner, sparing no detail, and leaving no stone unturned. Even the loading dock area underwent a remarkable change. Here, a 198-inch by 57-inch SEG sign took its place, sending a powerful message to everyone involved, including those who work behind the scenes, about the new identity of the arena.

Moving through the venue, the backstage Raptors hallway received a vinyl wrap. We adorned this space with 312-inch by 121-inch vinyl wrap signs and an extraordinary addition: a timeline of Drake's appearances at Scotiabank Arena. This captivating timeline chronicled each of Drake's visits to the arena, culminating in the historic renaming of the arena to the October's Very Own Arena. This transformation was more than just visual; it was a narrative woven into the very fabric of the arena, reinforcing the shared history and spirit of these two iconic entities.

Enhancing the Atmosphere: Special Touches

Beyond these main installations, we added extra touches to create a truly immersive experience in the "Octobers Very Own Arena.The OVO Flags on the Roof symbolized the unity between OVO and the Arena, displayed proudly for all to see. Moreover, the Loading Dock Mural depicted the Octobers Very Own Arena, ensuring the immersive experience extended to all parts of the venue.

This transformation of Scotiabank Arena into the "Octobers Very Own Arena" encapsulates ICON's unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional graphic solutions, even under the most stringent timelines. With creativity and precision, we achieved a remarkable transformation that left a lasting impression.

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