Taste of The Danforth

ICON Ignites the Essence of The Taste of Danforth

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Large Format Printing • Creative Design • Installation • 
Large Format Printing • Creative Design • Installation • 
Large Format Printing • Creative Design • Installation • 

In August 2023 ICON partnered with Greek Town BIA for The Taste of Danforth (TTOD). After a three-year hiatus, The Taste of Danforth returned to Toronto’s Greek Town, bringing with it a revival of flavors, songs, dance, and most importantly, cultural experiences that the city missed. The festival, a staple in Toronto, had a temporary pause, but the return was nothing short of spectacular, and who better to reignite the flame in Greek Town than ICON?

ICON was tasked with transforming the nearly 2 KM stretch from Jones to Broadview and capturing the essence of The Taste of Danforth visitors were familiar with. 360 Decorative A-Frames were lined along the entire stretch of the festival on both sides of the street, making visitors feel immersed in TTOD.

ICON created banners that were displayed at the “Greek Stage” and “Celebrity Stage.” Throughout the festival, ICON utilized mesh and vinyl-banners to highlight other important areas, Including VIP zones, beer gardens, and most importantly overhead street banners to brand TTOD at every intersection.

Attendees found their way through all the sights, sounds, and flavors with the aid of custom-printed maps, elegantly showcased in map boxes crafted by ICON. But these weren't just any map boxes. Each piece was a testament to ICON's unparalleled blend of innovative design. From ideation to execution, ICON's creative services transformed a simple necessity into an aesthetic marvel.

Beyond the immediate festival vicinity, ICON’s touch extended throughout Toronto with strategically placed bridge banners that advertised the event. The bridge banners played a crucial role in creating anticipation in the lead-up to the event and anchoring The Taste of Danforth's presence city-wide. This year, the festival's appeal was evident in its surging attendance, with estimates indicating a 20% increase compared to previous years. Almost two million people were expected to attend the event, and over 100 businesses participated.

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