The Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL)

ICON Transforms Court into Canvas

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Large Format Printing • Creative Design • Installation • 
Large Format Printing • Creative Design • Installation • 
Large Format Printing • Creative Design • Installation • 

Given ICON’s extensive experience in the sports domain, there was no better partnership than ICON and the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL). Branding crafts the spirit and perception of a team. This principle was especially seen with the Scarborough Shooting Stars, where visual identity was transformed into an emblem of pride and performance. As the Shooting Stars clinched the CEBL Championship, their on-court brilliance was complemented by a courtside visual clinic coached by ICON.

The very ground that saw dribbles, dunks, and masterful passes was crafted by ICON. The floor vinyl was not just functional but symbolic - with each curve colour and cut echoing the shooting Stars’ character transforming a game into a spectacle.

Fans and supporters were not overlooked. The vital spark of any sports team was treated to seating with fabric seat covers that embodied the energy of the Shooting Stars. These designs by ICON ensured that every corner of the stadium resonated with the team spirit.

ICON's commitment to top-tier branding was vividly on display with the banners draped throughout the stadium. These banners showcased the pinnacle of visual storytelling by employing high-resolution digital printing on premium-quality vinyl. With a combination of advanced design principles and touches of brand identity, the banners didn't just serve a decorative purpose; they narrated the Shooting Stars' journey. Each piece, printed with precision, spoke of ICON's relentless pursuit of excellence in brand visualization and execution.

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